Lindsay came with me to Hawaii for a wedding this summer, and Justin flew to Oahu to surprise her and propose on the beach. We were taking photos in the water when Justin came out from the parking lot and got on on knee. It was the sweetest proposal, and so fun to be a […]

    This past summer, Louisa reached out to me on instagram and asked if I’d be able to shoot her December wedding in Tennessee. She and Matias live in Portugal, and got my name from a friend of mine in Nashville who had spent some time in Portugal (and watched these two fall in […]


Aug 1, 2017

In June of 2017, I had just finished a week photographing a mission trip in Moldova, Eastern Europe, and I flew to New York, spent one night, met up with grad students from Lipscomb, and boarded a plane back across the pond to Tel Aviv, Israel. 3 weeks is far too short a time span […]


Jul 2, 2017

France and Italy

Jul 1, 2017

During my senior year, I took an extended spring break and visited a friend in Paris and friends in Florence, Italy, and it was the dream. There’s something remarkably freeing and exciting about traveling solo through crowded European cities. I was able to use the French that I labored over in high school and confidently […]

Santiago, Chile

Jul 1, 2017

  January 2, 2016 I photographed a wedding in Columbia, TN, drove to the airport the following morning to photograph a week-long mission trip in Nicaragua, then flew straight to Santiago, Chile for three months abroad, and my was it an adventure.  There were 26 Lipscomb students living in an apartment complex in Santiago. We […]