I believe that photography is personal.

This is why my business is focused not only on excellence in photography, but also on your experience with me.

As you look back at your images, you’ll remember how you felt in the moments that each photo was taken. I’m here to make sure that those memories are breathtakingly sweet. I will be your cheerleader, your stylist, your last-minute hair fixer; We’ll listen to music, play games, tell jokes, and chase the sunset. Don’t worry, you aren’t here to be a model. You’re here to live your life and take photos to cherish forever. As for the posing parts, I’ve got you covered. 

Wonder leads us to delight in the world around us.

Have you ever stood on the top of a mountain after hours of hiking and found yourself speechless? Or have you laid under infinite stars in a secluded campsite in the desert? Or perhaps even just watched a sunset while driving home from work or stood in the rain for a moment in the middle of a busy day? I aim to capture this same sense of wonder in this time of your life, and to help you feel it just the same. 

About Jamie

My name is Jamie and I’ve been photographing weddings in Tennessee & worldwide since 2014. My first international wedding was in Northern Ireland in 2015. I fell in love with photography back in middle school, and bought my first DSLR several years later when I had saved up enough from my job at the sandwich shop. I started shooting senior portraits and commissioned events, and after years working weddings under Nashville professionals, I graduated college and became a full time wedding photographer! I specialize in couples and take on a few portrait sessions each year, because I still love the simplicity and the joy in capturing everyday life with the people that you love. 

I’m an adventurer at heart living in downtown Nashville // I write songs late at night on my little black piano // A majority of my photography education came from coaches and courses outside of college. I actually have a degree in theology and music from Lipscomb University in Nashville! // I’ve always been a dog person, but the neighborhood cats hang around so much that I think they’re starting to grow on me.. // I come alive watching stars late at night and chasing sunsets in the mountains and walking around new foreign cities on my own. // I love my job. I’m blessed to be able to spend my days with incredible people in incredible places, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s connect. 



My heart behind it all

Wonder has always been one of my favorite words.While I always want to experience new places and things, I also want to experience wonder in my day to day life. I see wonder as soaking in the beauty and the mystery of a sunset or of the stars on a cloudless night; Seeing beauty and mystery and goodness in every person I lay my eyes on, and to see it within myself, with fingerprints of a Creator in every beautiful thing. It is in this wonder that I am able to delight in the world around me, and this is the wonder that I aspire to bring into your session. Whether we walk through your home town and catch a glimpse of awe in your partner’s eyes or we lay under the stars after a sunset session in Colorado, there is wonder to be found here. 

When you look at your pictures, you’ll remember how you felt in that moment. So along with being your photographer, I’m here to be your friend, your guide, your stylist, your encourager, and to lead you through your session and wedding day. I value connection so highly because the best way to capture this chapter in your story is to know where it is coming from. As a wedding photographer, I am invited into very intimate moments, and I want you to feel absolutely safe and at ease. When you’re able to express yourself freely, every image will effortlessly capture your authentic self, and I’m here to help make this happen. 

Photos feel. They carry power to pull you back into a moment. This is why I create images that feel deeply, that carry a story that will be told for generations. When grandchildren open up your wedding album, I want them to be able to imagine what it was like to experience your young love just by glancing at the emotion captured in an image. Photography captures your legacy, and wow is that powerful.




Since Jamie Pratt Photos began, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings and engagements all across the country and the world. I’ve been traveling internationally for over a decade now, and am just as comfortable flying solo across the ocean to a shoot as I am driving down the road from Nashville. Travel fee will vary depending on your specific location and dates. All of this is detailed in my price guide, so check with me for more information and to see if I’m traveling to your destination any time soon! 

I am available for travel worldwide, but here are some of my favorite places: 

the Oregon Coast 
Washington State 
Colorado, Utah, Wyoming

Europe: Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and France are my favorite countries to start with.
Eastern Canada: British Columbia & Alberta - Banff /Yoho National Parks & Vancouver, for example

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Shooting film has taught me so much about photography, and it carries an elegance that is hard to imitate with digital cameras, and requires an intentionality with every photo taken. It feels pure.
I offer both film coverage and Super8 video.

My priority is to make you feel absolutely at ease during your session, and to capture images that reflect you. I’ll give you all of the posing and prompts that you need while making memories together. 

I’m here to take photos that capture this moment of your story, to learn about you and your family and capture this moment to be treasured forever, and sometimes the most meaningful images are the simplest. You can rest assured that I will be fully present on your day. I will be taking epic and beautiful photos of you and your family, and capturing the simple and stunning moments in between. 

I want you to enjoy your wedding day, so I won’t drag you away for hours of couples portraits unless that’s your thing (in which case, let’s go!!). I want you to spend your evening with your family and friends, and when we aren’t taking formal photos, I’ll be out of the way and a fly on the wall. 

I know that having a camera on you for an entire day can be a weird thing! So in between the smiles and the laughs, I will slip out to photograph your details, your guests, and your venue, until you need me again. I strive to capture the candid moments in any session or wedding day when the seconds unfold like hours and precious memories are made: the hands held, tears shed, eyes glimmering, soft glances. This is the stuff I live for, and these are the images I’m capturing when you don’t see me in front of you.

As your photographer, I aim to give you the best experience possible: to help you plan, to hear out your ideas, and to guide you through your session and wedding day- be it an intimate backyard elopement, a large elegant wedding, or an intimate ceremony in a snowy Alaskan cabin.