Super 8 Wedding Videographer

Super 8 wedding videographer Jamie Pratt

I’m Jamie, a photographer and a super 8 wedding videographer.

Vintage movie film has been making a resurgence in recent years both in the movie industry and in weddings. Super 8 was the user-friendly film made for families to capture their memories with ease, and it still carries that beauty and emotion into its storytelling today.
I’ve been using Super 8 film since 2020 to video roadtrips, weddings, and everyday moments in between. There are quite a few reasons you might want to choose Super 8 for your wedding. And perhaps the easiest way to share the joy and the beauty of it with you is to share some of my favorite recent wedding films.

Avery and Joe celebrated their wedding in Shreveport, Louisiana this past April. It was such a fun day, and I was able to capture the day both with photography and with Super 8 video. Prepare to fall in love with them and with movie film:

Pari and Caleb celebrated their wedding last fall on their family property, and it was so fun and so special. Their super 8 video is longer, which was so fun to capture and put together for them:

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