I’m Jamie, a photographer and a super 8 wedding videographer. Vintage movie film has been making a resurgence in recent years both in the movie industry and in weddings. Super 8 was the user-friendly film made for families to capture their memories with ease, and it still carries that beauty and emotion into its storytelling […]

The internet is full of blog posts and videos on what to ask when booking a wedding photographer. Some questions overlap from blog to blog, depending on the perspective of who is asking. I’ve been photographing weddings full-time since 2018 and part-time since 2014 and would love to offer my perspective on questions to ask […]

    What is commercial photography? Branding, headshots, commercial photography. Say you’re a small business owner, a CEO, an artist. Whatever it is that you give or offer to your clients comes from story. Clients want to connect with who *you* are, as well as what you do. You want to share this story and […]

  I’ll let you in on a not-so secret secret : the wedding industry is cyclical. We go from busy, quiet, unbelievably busy, to silent. And so it continues, year after year. (Except 2020, but let’s not revisit that one.) But I must share that over the last few years I’ve grown such an affinity […]

Why investing in a wedding album can be a valuable thing for treasuring and preserving your memories.

    For the past 3 years during the month of February, my church family has spent 30 days praying and fasting together. This year we were joined by over 400 other churches, all praying and fasting for revival in the city of Nashville, and praying by name for every person who lives here. On […]

  Hello! Just me here, wanting to say how thankful I am for all of the memories made and photos taken in 2018. What a year!! I have seen the faithfulness of God is so many details of my photography and work and life and music endeavors. I can turn around and see that I’m […]

  Rosie and Mia came to Nashville to visit their sister for spring break, which for Rosie meant a spring senior photo session! Tuesday of this week was a wonderful 80 degrees, and by the time we set off for Radnor Lake State Park on Wednesday morning it was a solid 40. But Rosie was […]


Jul 30, 2017

  While I was studying at Lipscomb, I worked as the photography intern for the missions department. Shortly after I graduated, I received a call asking if I would be willing to travel to Moldova with a team that was leaving in a couple of weeks. They would be returning the day that I was […]