What is commercial photography? Branding, headshots, commercial photography. Say you’re a small business owner, a CEO, an artist. Whatever it is that you give or offer to your clients comes from story. Clients want to connect with who *you* are, as well as what you do. You want to share this story and […]

    Every winter brings a much slower season in the wedding photography world. The weddings-every-week schedule slows to more of a wedding-every-month or so, and I’m able to reset my business and my personal life and dream about the coming year. This year in some of the slowness I decided to open up more […]

Ethos Church and Crosspoint hosted a night of worship and prayer to kick off a month of prayer and fasting throughout the city and state, called Awaken Nashville.

    Andy Melton reached out to me a few years ago about updating the photos for his counseling practice and taking a few head shots, and over the past few years, I’ve been able to come in and photograph new office spaces and new employees. I’ve never shared the photos on my blog, so […]

    Back in the spring of 2019, my photographer friend and all-star second shooter Hannah texted me to ask if I was ever free on Tuesdays. She was about to take on a gig shooting the weekly specials for Taqueria del Sol every week, and I was given the great honor of filling in […]

    Singer-songwriter Brandon Bing came up from Florida for a few cold, Nashville photos this past weekend. I very rarely go to these parts of town anymore, but we hit the streets one sunny morning, and successfully beat all of the tourists (huge win!!). I’ve been hanging around a lot of engaged and married […]