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Back in the spring of 2019, my photographer friend and all-star second shooter Hannah texted me to ask if I was ever free on Tuesdays. She was about to take on a gig shooting the weekly specials for Taqueria del Sol every week, and I was given the great honor of filling in when she couldn’t be there. What better way to bribe my friends than to offer them something as great as Taqueria del Sol! I took photos of the specials on 4 or 5 different weeks, and have compiled some of my favorites here. If you find yourself drooling by the bottom of this blog post, there is no judgement from me.

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Product photography isn’t something that I focus on, but it’s so much fun when I get the chance to do it! Especially with something as wonderful as Mexican cuisine, I love staging the perfect dinner table and snapping away to get the perfect shot. Taqueria was such a great location because their walls and ceilings are already white and ready for a gentle bounced flash to fill in the shadows. By the time Hannah asked me to fill and and photograph, I had already been frequenting the West Nashville location so much that the manager knew who I was. Now, whether that’s a fact to be proud of or not, I’m unsure, but it was a lot of fun to try such a wide variety of their menu, and to stand on the chairs to get all of the best shots. I once made it my goal to go to the same coffee shop often enough that the baristas knew what I wanted when I came in the door, but working for tacos was a pretty comparable scenario. At this point all of the specials have been documented, and the job has run out, but I do hope the chefs have a stroke of creativity and bring out another year’s worth of specials. I’m all in.


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