Nashville Commercial Photography – How to Tell Your Brand’s Story


Nashville Commercial Photography - musician and voice teacher playing the piano in her studio


What is commercial photography?

Branding, headshots, commercial photography. Say you’re a small business owner, a CEO, an artist. Whatever it is that you give or offer to your clients comes from story. Clients want to connect with who *you* are, as well as what you do. You want to share this story and this identity as often and as intriguingly as possible. And this is where commercial photography comes in. Here are a few tips for your nashville commercial photography session (or wherever else you find yourself!).

If you haven’t already, think through your brand. Do you have your colors? Your business’s identity? At the core of what it is and whom you serve, *who* is your business? I could go into so much detail about the ins and outs of fine tuning your brand, but for now, simply a place to start. 

Once you have your brand’s identity, maybe come up with a mood board for your headshot session. Collect your favorite images on Pinterest or put them together in Canva, create a visual representation of how you want your images and you brand to feel. This is one step that I always help my clients with, because commercial photography can be daunting! It’s a lot of content for one day. But trust me, it’s so worth it.
And thirdly, be comfortable! Be you. What makes you come alive in your business? Let’s showcase the passion in your headshots. 

Some of the businesses pictured below: Melton Counseling, Joanne Hart Sings, Cause We Can Events, Gabby Pinkerton, photographed by Jamie Pratt Photos


A commercial session is essentially an hour or so of taking photos that you can use for content (your website, instagram, Pinterest, you name it) for an extended period of time. It stretches beyond simply headshots. We have multiple headshots in multiple places, close-ups perhaps of the service you provide, photos of your space if you work from an office, even your pets if you have some. If you’re a Nashville wedding planner, then perhaps you want some unique-to-Nashville details in your session, like a few images taken downtown or a guitar hanging in the background. These are the details that we will work through together in order to make sure your personality and your business’s personality are captured in a way that tells your story well. 

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