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My story as a photographer started nearly ten years ago. While my journey is filled with change and growth, one aspect has remained the same: a deep love of film. Film wedding photography, a feature I added to my business in 2020, captures light and life in a way unlike any other, authentically telling the stories of wonder and family in our biggest moments and our every day lives. I’m excited to keep telling love stories through film videography!

After two years of shooting wedding films in Colorado and Tennessee as an off shoot of my photography packages, I am overjoyed to officially give my Super 8 films their own home at Jamie Pratt Videography. Through custom vintage film videography packages, I’ll capture authenticity, adventure and artistic detail that grows sweeter with time.

What is a Super 8 wedding film?

You may not have even known that movie film still existed, or maybe you found me by searching for a super 8 videographer, and either way I’m so delighted that you are here. By shooting events or weddings on Super 8 film, you’ll get the small sound of film moving through the camera, light flares and small imperfections in the film, adding character and a unique appeal. Vintage film videography captures captures a playful truth and magic that digital simply cannot. You can explore on why Super 8 pulls on my heartstrings and see more examples over on my new site.

Why invest in film videography?

If any of the below sounds like you, contact me today, or we can dream up something else!

  • If you are a Nashville independent business seeking video to tell your story or grow your business, these films add character and authenticity to your brand.

  • If you are ready to pop the question in a surprise engagement session or proposals, we’ll create an engagement video as a keepsake full of emotion, truth, and fun.

  • If you are planning a 2022 wedding, elopement, or destination wedding and want a memorable, unique wedding video, we’ll capture every ounce of authenticity. No drones or filters: just film.

Nashville super 8 wedding videography is here.

Ready to learn more on my film videography packages in Nashville or elsewhere? I’d love to hear from you.
Thank you for the opportunity to help tell your stories. It truly never gets old. Contact me here for more info!

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