Radnor Lake Proposal | Nashville, Tennessee | Juan & Ashton


Nashville Proposal Photographer


Photographing proposals is one of my favorite things. So far I have yet to encounter one where the bride-to-be knows its coming, so I get the privilege capturing the whole range of joy and surprise and excitement and everything in between. And they are always SO so sweet. Juan and Ashton’s was nothing less than perfect. I met Juan when we were both Lipscomb students, and he reached out earlier in the summer about photographing his proposal to Ashton, who was just graduating. He told me a little bit about his plan to bring her on a walk to Radnor Lake, where her sister would join me to take some video. This ended up being one of the sweetest evenings, and I’m excited to share a few favorites with you all!

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All of the above pictures show some of the events after Ashton said yes. Juan brought bread and wine for them to take communion together, to read scripture, and he even knelt to wash her feet. Over the past few months he had been writing letters to her during special events like her graduating, choosing the ring, and they spent a few moments reading through them together. These two are absolutely devoted to one another and to Jesus and I was honored to capture the beginning of their next little chapter of being engaged!



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