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Lennon was welcomed into the world this Spring, and I was given the honor of photographing him and his family. The Malones have been good friends for years, and I was so excited to meet little Lennon! With Kobe the golden doodle always at our feet, we took the sweetest photographs in Lennon’s nursery and his parents’ bedroom. I love in-home photo sessions, but in light of the coronavirus, they may be less common for a while. Below these sweet newborn photographs of Lennon I’ve written a little bit about how to creatively take family portraits safely and effectively as we come into our “new normal!”

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I believe that photos are so important. They capture here and now in a way that pulls you back into the emotion and the scene every time you look at them. I think of photographs from 10 years ago that I look at and I’m still able to feel what I was feeling in the moment. Just because the world has paused, I don’t think documenting our stories should be paused too.

I started advertising more in-home sessions this winter because they can be so much more personal. Even while I take all necessary precautions, I never want you to feel uncomfortable during your session. So why not move in-home sessions outside your home?

Parks have always been a great option for family photos and portraits, but the ease and comfort of in-home sessions is still accessible in the warmer months, just outside of your home. This can be your front porch, back porch, somewhere in the lawn, down the street, or anywhere that is special to you. Here are some things to consider when picking a location:

LIGHT. Light is super important. Shade and backlighting are two of my favorite ways to photograph, so find a spot that’s either shaded or that faces away from the sun, so it will be behind you in the photos.

SPACE. We want your background to be as clean as possible, with few distracting elements. Standing in front of your own house, while still very detailed, is great because it means something to you. Standing at an angle that shows your neighbor’s house however, is probably less meaningful. So look for walls of green trees, a fence, a wall of your home, or tidy up a portion of your back deck. The background of most photos is a little bit blurry, but we still want to get rid of things like trash cans, lawn mowers, etc.

Especially if you have kiddos, this is a great time to let them run around and play! After a few “formal” photos, it’s always fun to get some with them in their natural states, playing in the dirt or racing cars. Family sessions are a whole lot of fun.

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