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A cozy lifestyle family session at the Adzhigireys’ home in Nashville, Tennessee. Mary, Rus, and their two little ones piled up on the couch for some really sweet family portraits on a cold February afternoon. I love in-home sessions for so many reasons, but especially because they capture your personality and the moment that you and your family are in right now. Here are a few of my favorites from the Adzhigireys’ lifestyle session!

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2020 is the first year that I’ve started pushing in-home photo sessions. I’ve been taking them for a while, but something about Nashville’s endless cloudy winter inspired me to share the love even more! 

I met Mary and Rus at our church in Nashville a few years ago, and have had the pleasure of serving alongside them and babysitting their firstborn over the years.. These are two of the kindest people I know, and they bring a sense of light and joy into every room that they enter. Mary, Rus, and Oliver welcomed Josephine into their family last October, and now at a sweet 3 months old, she cozied up with her big brother and parents for this family photo session.

One of the best things about in-home photo sessions is that we take out a lot of the difficulty for babies and toddlers. Instead of dressing everyone, packing the toys, and loading up to go to a new location, the kids are able to stay in their most comfortable environment with their entire selection of toys (and bribes. No shame for bringing out the fruit snacks.) 

When I was envisioning a lifestyle session with the Adzhigireys, I knew that their home would be perfect. The white walls, an assortment of plants, beautiful furniture and decorations, and the sweetest family. Mary grew up in that house, which makes it just that much sweeter. I asked them to cozy up in their favorite sweaters, and everyone piled on the bed and the couches for a few big family photos before we took a few with Josephine and Mary, and with Oliver and Rus (and Woody, naturally.) While we were taking Rus and Oliver’s photos, with Woody in hand, Rus joked that this was the most perfect picture of Oliver’s world these days. That’s what I believe in-home sessions and lifestyle sessions in general are all about: capturing this moment in your life, just the way that it is. 


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