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Allie and Jacob let me photograph them in their cozy little apartment in Franklin this past weekend, and it was magical. Soft sweaters, the sweetest pup named Franklin, and a couple of warm cups of coffee. I love lifestyle sessions because they capture this moment of your life and personality so beautifully; the pictures on the wall, the plants growing in the corner, the guitars on display in the kitchen. Here are a few of my favorites!

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This winter I decided to start offering more in-home sessions for families and couples. Allie and Jacob have been married for a little over a year, and are getting ready to leave their first apartment and move into somewhere a little more permanent. The timing was perfect for an in-home portrait session, to capture some of the personality and the memories of this sweet time in their lives.

“After we got married, we had a pretty significant shift in our plans together. We planned to go to Colorado and move out west, and those plans came to a halting stop after job changes and traditions. While it was the best thing that happened to us in the long run, it was very unnerving with not knowing where we were going to live or what we were going to do with our lives. After Jacob got his first corporate job in Franklin, we made a VERY swift decision to up and move. This is the first apartment that we felt was ours. We didn’t have a couch, table, kitchen chairs, or a bed frame of our own, so we really made this space what we wanted it to be. It also encouraged Jacob to make the kitchen table that we love and use today! He created it with wood palettes that we were given for our wedding, and we repurposed it as a kitchen table.…. and then we thought it would be fun to add a fur baby into the mix. We trained and raised our mini Aussie in this 600 square foot space, and this area and dog has been so transformational in our growth together as a Newley wed couple. Our apartment has incredible side walks around and a pretty nice gym, so we started, for the first time ever in our relationship, waking up early to walk our dog and then working out together. Before we lived here we were so unhealthy, out of shape, and pretty lethargic in what we would do together, and this dog has really encouraged us to stay active and get outside, and with that, we have also come to enjoy so many new forms of exercise. 

While we are excited about moving on to more square footage and a better space that fits our needs now, this apartment has been so good to us and we’re really going to miss it.”

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The post just wouldn’t be complete without sharing one of my personal favorites from Franklin’s excited outbursts. Truly one of those “Instagram vs reality” type comparisons, and I simply can’t stop laughing.



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