A Downtown Franklin Proposal | Hannah & Chandler




Chandler proposed to Hannah on a warm, sunny afternoon in downtown Franklin. He led her out to Public Square Park in the center of town and asked her to marry him. Proposals are one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer, and I’m always so honored to capture such special moments! Congratulations, Chandler and Hannah. Here are a few photos from the afternoon!

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If you’ve been around Jamie Pratt Photos for very long, you might have noticed the frequency in which I post something about hiding in a bush for a proposal. (Or the family cabin of a girl whom I’ve never met, I’ve done that once). I’ve slinked around crowded spaces, pretended to be bird-watching at Radnor, and sometimes you just happen to be out in the open, up on a hill in the middle of a roundabout. For this proposal, I arrived early to scope out the area and make sure I had plenty of time, and to my dismay there were zero people out in Public Square Park to keep me hidden. Every now and then a family would wander out into the center while their kids played on canons or read the statue, so a few minutes before the designated time, I wandered out there to do the same. A man and his son had just arrived, so as I waited and kept my cameras hidden in my purse, the little boy told me everything he knew about the statue and its history (while also trying to climb it).

Once the boy and his dad left, I slowly circled the statue, reading the encryption and wondering if anyone noticed the girl who was evidently enthralled with the battle of Franklin. After a few minutes of my wandering, Chandler led Hannah across the street and up to the staircase by Main Street, where he dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him. It was the sweetest moment, with cars honking and tourists clapping in congratulations. The two danced around and posed for a few engagement photos before parting and celebrating with family and friends!

With every proposal, I’m perfecting my hiding tactics. I’m always ready to play Nashville Tourist or wear dark clothing and lay in the trees. It’s all part of the job.

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