Ft Loudon Lake Engagement Session | Brianna & Dillon | Knoxville, TN




Brianna and Dillon joined me in Old Concord, a little historic neighborhood along Ft Loudon Lake in Knoxville, Tennessee for their engagement session. It was a rare sunny February evening, and the photos turned out beautifully. I’m so excited for Brianna and Dillon’s wedding this coming June! Here are a few of my favorites from their lakeside engagement session.

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I asked Brianna a few questions about her and Dillon’s story. It’s always fun to hear from the faces in the photos, so here are some of her answers!

-How did you meet?

 “We both were in the Pre-Health Living and Learning Community at ETSU. I don’t know the exact day we met or anything like that, but we knew each other for 2ish years before actually dating. I was actually working at a summer camp in Florida and we started writing each other on Snapchat mid-summer. I would work 5 days on and 2 days off with my camp schedule so this made snapchatting difficult because I didn’t have internet or LTE. So Dill would send me several snapchats a day and then when I would be off, I would just go through all my snapchats showing me his week. I loved that. Once I came back to school, we started dating.”

-How did Dillon Propose?

“Dillon proposed at Blue Hole in Elizabethton in front of the waterfall. it’s a short hike down. I was pretty sure he was going to propose that day so that part wasn’t so much a surprise. However he had his coworker come take photos of us and I had never met them so he did well with that surprise. 🙂 We were hugging in front of the waterfall and when he let go he says “so… are you ready for this?”. Apparently he knew I probably knew as well. :)”

-Any Funny date stories?

“On our first date we went on a hike to the Fire Tower in Johnson City. This hike has about a 15 min drive up this very steep, curvy, dirt, back road. Now this is our first date so I already knew him but we weren’t really close friends or anything. So he’s driving up this sketchy hill and we’re both very quiet. After a few mins he says “Have you seen the movie RV?”. If you know me at all you know I love movies and movie quotes. Right then I realized this relationship was going to last. He continued on by quoting a solid 1 min quote from the movie. 

-What are you most excited for about your wedding?

Dillon: “Finally getting to see her dress and watch her walk down the aisle.”

Bri: “Getting to walk down the aisle and see Dill right before I marry him.”


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