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Stone House of St Charles Missouri Wedding


Mark and Julia had the most beautiful, simple, and elegant wedding at the Stone House of St Charles, in St Charles, Missouri this March. The clouds kept the air cool and the light dim, which perfectly highlighted all of the gorgeous colorful flower by Petal Pushers STL, a local St Louis florist.

I’ve known Mark and Julia for almost 2 years now, and have had the pleasure of being there to photograph their cold, candlelit proposal, a warm, sunny engagement session (on the blog here!), and now their gorgeous, elegant Missouri wedding. Stone House of St Charles seemed to be everything that Julia and Mark dreamed it would be for their wedding.



Julia is an artist herself, and decided to design all of her invitation suite, programs, and signage for her ceremony. I dropped off something at her house in Nashville last spring, to find her already painting the watercolor flowers that would be a staple in their wedding design.

Any MVPs from your wedding?

Among others, “Ken and Cindy Mahne – OMG THE FLOWERS. They went the extra mile. They even put a hand sanitizer bottle into my mom’s corsage.”

The entire day was such a sweet family affair. One of my favorite moments was when the couple decided to give yellow roses to some of the people who had impacted them the most, including their grandmothers. They were sitting in the front row, so I was one of the few people privileged to witness the tears and the smiles in those sweet exchanges.



I asked Julia and Mark a few questions about their wedding day – what they loved, what surprised them, and advice for those of you who are planning weddings!

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

“Walking down the aisle and seeing my husband.” – Julia

“Seeing my wife down the aisle.” – Mark

What was your favorite part about the venue?

“I was totally in love with the flowers and how they decorated the venue and made it my own. My favorite flowers were the ones in my hands and the ones tied to the middle of the pergola at the ceremony.” – Julia

Any funny stories from the day?

“Mark was wearing brand new socks. When I went to go wash his feet, I took his socks off and his feet were blue and furry/linty!! I used all the water to wash those feet off!” – Julia



“The daddy/daughter dance song (Nothing but a Woman, Robert Cray) was a surprise for my dad. It’s not a typical first dance song. But it’s a song that my dad used to swing my mom around to after dinner when I was little. It was really special to dance together.”

Any advice for brides and grooms in regards to fully enjoying and experiencing your wedding day?

“Two things:

– One, this is the only time in your life that every single person from both of your lives is going to come together, just be in the moment.

– As much as your Mom might drive you crazy as you get ready for your wedding, she is doing it for a reason. If you think about it, this is the last big thing that she gets to provide for you before you go off with your husband. Have patience and then have a blast the day of!!” – Julia


All in all, this was a BEAUTIFUL wedding day at Stone House of St Charles. Want to see more weddings? Click here for more blog posts, and here to get in touch!

Venue: Stone House of St Charles | Dress: Clarice’s Bridal & Morilee | Rings: Shane Company | Cake: Laura Burch | Suits: Celebrations in Murray, KY and Michael Kohrs | Calligraphy: Painted Jules (aka the BRIDE!) | Makeup: Chelsea Tiefel


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