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In late August, Crystal and Ben met me in Kingston Springs, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, for a sunny, rural engagement session. Ben lives nearby and they invited me to a park along the river for some photos before their wedding this coming October. See a few of my favorites from their session below!

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Any of us who have lived in Tennessee for long know that it can be impossible to plan for the weather in August. Generally it’s unbearably hot, but sometimes, like this lovely night in Kingston Springs, we’re fortune enough to have a beautiful, cool evening.

Rural engagement sessions are so much fun, but they do require a little bit of preparation so that you aren’t covered up in bug bites the next day or freezing during the session, or any other number of possible outcomes. Here are some of my biggest pieces of advice for planning your rural photo session, whether at a park near town or deep in the country.
1. Bug spray. Gallons of bug spray. I use some of the natural eucalyptus and lemon spray. May not be enough punch for a safari, but it treats me well here in Tennessee.

2. Bring a drink! Water obviously, but if you want to fill up a tumbler with your favorite wine or bring along a beer or two, feel free.

3. Two outfits? Let’s start in the cooler one.

4. Ladies, if it’s one of those 95+ degree days, bring some dry shampoo or something to help fluff your hair up halfway through!

5. Embrace the weather. If we’re telling your story through these photos, then today’s weather will be a part of that story. Let’s run around, lay in the grass, dress for the temperature, and always remember the way the sunny summer Tennessee day felt. We’re here to have fun.

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