Franklin, Tennessee Proposal | Carlee & Whitson




Whitson proposed to Carlee in downtown Franklin’s public square on Saturday, and the cars and passersby went wild. Their engagement comes after 10 years together. Middle school sweethearts now preparing to be married here in Tennessee. I had the pleasure of spending some time with them after their proposal, and it was so much fun! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from their sunny downtown proposal.

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Planning a proposal can feel like a daunting task. Maybe your fiancé has high expectations, and maybe she has no idea at all what’s coming. Either way, part of my job is to help you along the way!!

Whitson called me a couple of weeks before their proposal to talk through a few ideas for proposing. I was driving back up to Tennessee from a beach wedding, and had plenty of time to plan! He knew that he wanted it to be in downtown Franklin in the public square, and roughly which direction to face. He had made dinner plans for just an hour after our scheduled meeting time so that we would have time for even more engagement photos! It. was. amazing. So here are a few location questions to consider if you’re planning to propose:

  1. Pick a special location. Is there a place that you and your soon-to-be fiancé often spend time together? Or one that holds special memories? For Whitson and Carlee, Franklin, Tennessee was absolutely the place.

  2. Does the location need to be private or public? Some people would definitely prefer being proposed to in a quiet and special location. Others are eager to tell anyone and everyone the news, so a downtown roundabout full of people cheering and cars honking in celebration will only add to the excitement. Franklin’s Saturday night crowd didn’t disappoint this time!

  3. Quite simply, is the location pretty? Do you like it? This is an area in which you can trust your photographer! We’re pretty good at making almost any setting look nice, but if you happen to be leaning towards an alley downtown with trash in the background, we’ll be happy to help you find an alternative. 🙂 Whitson nailed it with his choice of the roundabout, which he saw in a photo I took of Chandler and Hannah’s proposal, and Chandler picked the spot! So great find, Chandler. 🙂


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