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I’ll let you in on a not-so secret secret : the wedding industry is cyclical. We go from busy, quiet, unbelievably busy, to silent. And so it continues, year after year. (Except 2020, but let’s not revisit that one.) But I must share that over the last few years I’ve grown such an affinity for fall wedding. Of course, it’s one of the busiest season for the industry and, from my view, it’s for good reason. 

Fall weather for Nashville weddings is always a bit unpredictable but in my experience, typically ends up divine. Sure, you’ll always need to reevaluate “what do I wear to a fall Nashville wedding” then reconsider again in case it calls for rain, maybe snow, or the sun accompanied by 85 degree heat.

But no matter the weather as a photographer, one of my favorite things about Nashville fall weddings is the always stunning floral design.

Photographing wedding flowers captures an embodiment a bride’s style, across a spectrum of femininity and complexity. Light and whimsical; warm and full. The adjectives go on and on; so do the combinations of bold jewel tones or warm neutrals from deep greens to airy dried. Creative brides and florists go far beyond the bouquet, with unique decor and thoughtful touches in each part of the celebration.

Fall wedding Bouquets

We’ll get to the “beyond” piece later, but so much of a wedding floral design first echoes from the bride’s bouquet. The time of year offers endless combinations of dried stems to jewel tones, with rich greens and contrasting petals that pop in every photograph. Here are a few favorite fall bridal bouquets from this year.



Floral Wedding Arch Design

Wedding arches are sprawling and energetic, beautifully representative of the couple standing beneath them. As expanded visions of the bouquet, they’re the backdrop to every ceremony photo – so of course as your wedding photographer, I pay close attention to them! While leaves dance from trees and the grass might have lost its hue, a fun fall floral arch design is a captivating way to add large-scale color to every ceremony. Even the simplest of vine design adds a memorable touch of color, no matter the time of year!




As brides weigh the pros and cons of autumn celebrations, I think in many ways, the pros outweigh the cons! While venues might offer permanent greenery no matter the season, I love to find moments with clients to explore the surrounding landscape. Across middle Tennessee, there are countless wedding locations that are perfectly suited for the changing colors: warm mountains, reflective lakes, or grassy fields. Fall weddings in the south simple come alive with foliage.



If you’re dreaming up a fall wedding photographer for 2022 or 2023, please contact me today.


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