Etheridge Family Portraits




A warm, sunny family portrait session at Cornelia Fort Airpark in East Nashville, Tennessee. Aaron, Amy, and their three kids adopted their youngest little girl about a year ago. When they began the adoption process, they shared their hearts and hopes with our church family, where Aaron is a pastor, and the whole community came around them in support until they finally met the newest member of their family. Here are a few of my favorites from our photo session!

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Not all photo sessions are the same. After we took portraits in the tall grass at sunset, we planned on having a little picnic together. I went with the girls to get all of the food out of their car, while the boys ran through the grass and covered themselves in mud, naturally.

We were having a relatively peaceful picnic watching the sun go down, and a few lingering park-goers were still standing around the exercise equipment. At one point though, a police car with flashing blue lights pulled in through the parking lot, and we wondered what might have happened down the street. Eventually he ran his siren a little bit, got out a bullhorn, and yelled at all of us that the park had closed, and we were about to be locked in. So with great haste, we packed up what was left of the picnic, gathered the kids, headed back to our cars and went our separate ways.

Of all the family photo sessions I’ve taken, this is probably the first in which we were sent away by a policeman’s bullhorn, but the boys seemed to be loving the whole ordeal, and I’m sure they’ll share the tale for years to come.


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