A Downtown Nashville Engagement | Michelle & Nate


Nashville Public Library Engagement Session


Nate and Michelle met me downtown for their engagement session one sunny, Saturday evening, and it was a dream! We spent a few minutes wandering through the Nashville Public Library, trekked out to the Pedestrian Bridge, and finished at their wedding venue, Green Door Gourmet. Michelle told me that since they met here in Nashville, they wanted to capture some of the highlights in their engagement pictures. See some of my favorites and read Nate’s epic proposal plan below!



“When I was thinking of a unique and special way to propose to Michelle, I decided to employ the help of the person who knew Michelle the best other than me – Terry Vo. Terry is one of the most personable and caring people I know, so I had no doubt she would help me with all those special details for the proposal. I knew that I wanted to propose to Michelle at the place where we had our first date – the LA Jackson. This is a rooftop lounge on top of the Thompson Hotel in Nashville that overlooks the city. Even though I was proposing in November and it would be a bit chilly, I knew it would be really special (and definitely surprise Michelle). With this skeletal outline, Terry helped me come up with all the different details for the proposal to make it really special. She also had some connections at the LA Jackson, so she made a call and worked it out for me to rent out the entire rooftop lounge before it opened so we had complete privacy. I ordered flowers (tulips, Michelle’s favorite), a cool balloon and I invited about 15 friends to join us immediately after the proposal to celebrate. Terry invited Michelle to a fake special event at the LA Jackson, which allowed me to make up a meeting with one of my clients for work…”



“… I arrived at the LA Jackson before the fake event Michelle and Terry were attending to set up and Terry went and picked Michelle. Terry arrived with Michelle and as they walked into the lounge, Michelle said to Terry, “where is everyone?” Terry replied, “I think they are out on the patio – let’s walk out there.” As Michelle turned the corner on the patio, there I was standing with the balloon. Michelle paused for a moment, clearly confused as to why I was at the special event and not with my client meeting. She then quickly realized what was going on and turned around to Terry and said, “Terry!” Michelle and I walked around the patio area where I had set up framed photos (another Terry idea) from significant events in our relationship (e.g., trips together, meeting family, etc.). I had a photographer in the corner hiding and taking photos of everything. I proposed to her (she said yes!) andI then took Michelle over to a table and had recorded videos from her parents, my parents and her brother congratulating us. We popped some champagne and then went inside and joined our friends to celebrate. As an added surprise, I had previously spoken to Michelle’s sister who lives in Kansas City and invited her to fly out to Nashville to surprised Michelle after the proposal. She agreed and when we walked back inside to the area we reserved, her sister arrived and the waterworks started again..”

– Nate



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