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Bolivar proposed to his girlfriend Kristen on a sunny November day at Arrington Vineyards, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. He took her to a secluded hilltop overlooking the property where they shared a picnic and Bolivar pulled out an engagement ring.

We had been planning the proposal for several months, and when the day finally came, the sun was shining and the air was perfect. One of our best November Saturdays of the year. The newly engaged couple joined me in walking around Arrington to take a few portrait in the stunning evening sun. Arrington Vineyards is one of my favorite spots for a Nashville proposal. The grounds are large enough to find a secluded space even on a busy weekend, and the crowds tend to congregate in one area. I have photographed a few engagement sessions at Arrington, both out in the open hillside and back in the woods, and they’re intimate, unique, and simply beautiful every single time.

A few things to plan before proposing at Arrington Vineyards:

  • If you’re planning for a weekend or a holiday, arrive early! Especially during the pandemic, Arrington has been limiting capacity and parking.

  • Consider bringing your own picnic to pair with a bottle of Arrington Vineyards wine! While it is always free to simply enjoy the space, you can purchase a bottle or a glass of wine, or even a decorative glass to bring home as a keepsake.

  • Have a rain plan. It’s Tennessee, and it’s hard to predict the weather sometimes. If you can and your photographer are able to change the date, then consider asking your photographer. If you have family in town and today has to be the day, either contact staff about covered options (which have been closed to the public during the pandemic) or grab some umbrellas and let’s embrace the day!

  • Enjoy the day. You only get to propose once. Know that most girls don’t have miles-high expectations for your proposal. So make it personal, pretend like no one’s watching, and soak in every single moment with the love of your life.

  • Coordinate with your photographer! I always help the groom-to-be know where to stand, where to kneel, which direction to be facing, and how to make it all come together seamlessly while I hide in the trees or around the bend. With dozens of proposals photographed, I’m more than happy to share my expertise and help coordinate this exciting day.

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