2021 | A Year Of Wedding Videography, Destinations & Proposals


Since I moved to Nashville in 2014, I’ve been photographing weddings in Nashville and across the globe. And this year marks 7 beautiful years of living in this city and doing what I love.
And still, 2021 kept me full-heartedly enthralled by the wonder, connection and depth this career allows me to explore. Be it 7 or 70 more years from now, I know its magic will never dim.

With every single session and wedding, I am fully present. These moments and milestones are intimate, and I aim to deliver a photo gallery as personal as possible. So, I’m excited to share some 2021 projects that kept that magic shining real bright; that kept me entirely enthused both professionally and personally.

On top of weddings and families and everything in between, I wanted to focus on three special categories that filled this past year. I completed my first full year offering vintage wedding videography for old and new clients, I was given the privilege of capturing the timelessness of sweet and simple engagements, and I embraced destination weddings and intimate elopements more than ever before.

Super 8 Video | Vintage Film Wedding Videography
Uniquely capture wedding

There’s just something about them; wedding videos pull at the heartstrings like nothing else. I tear up every time watch one of a friend…or stranger. As a creative, I hold admiration for this sleek and cinematic style. But this year I dove deeper in a bit of different direction: Super 8 Film Videography. Reminiscent of the way I fell in love with film photography, I fell in love with the beauty and authenticity captured on wedding days with Super 8 videos. I use a vintage camera from the 1980s with celluloid film. No fancy filters, no magic tricks, just simple, elegant film videography.

I’m so thankful that clients fell in love with the style of vintage wedding highlights, too. Vintage videos offer immediate charm and a unique indie flare that digital can’t capture. Film is full of character, a familiar aesthetic featuring light flares and a warm grain. See some of the magic yourself below from the rooftops of downtown Nashville at Kimpton Aertson Hotel and a backyard surrounded by family in in middle Tennessee.

I’m thankful to have the ground running this year with wedding videography add ons and I look forward to (many!) more bookings in 2022.

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ideas through Middle Tennessee

Let me be honest: I’ve had my fair share of surprise proposals. I’ve jumped in bushes, (kindly & creatively) guided tourists away from the background, and hid behind my viewfinder. Sneakily surrounded by family or friends or just two partners together, the most memorable engagements continue to be those sweet, simple and personal surprises between the couple. The ones that mean the most to the bride-to-be. I’m always thrilled to be invited to this intimate moment and stay on my toes to keep the moment authentic, natural and meaningful. I’m proud to say I haven’t been spotted yet, as far as I know!

I love adventuring with clients as they choose an unexpected proposal or engagement photoshoot locations like mountaintops or European countrysides, or embrace the iconic backdrops of Nashville, Franklin, and Knoxville. Some of my favorite Tennessee locations for proposals include:

After you’re already engaged, couples sessions are one of my favorite parts of the wedding photography process. Filled with bliss, personality, and a keepsake of this special, short-lived era of a relationship. (When securing wedding photographer for 2022, engagement shoots truly are the perfect time to start a relationship with your photographer. That way, we get to walk into your wedding day together as friends, and you can know from experience you’re in great hands.)

Want to see some more full galleries?

Emily & Jon | Phil & Joanna | Saurabh & Priya | Brianna & Pat



Destination Weddings & Intimate Elopements
Embracing a new normal & NEW LOCATIONS

This year, my schedule was packed with destination weddings and elopements in Colorado, Nashville, Yosemite, and I’ve already got one for Hawaii on the books in just a few months. I was able to put the travel back in travel photographer and walk away with some of my favorite images and. experiences to date. This year granted me opportunity to grow my craft beyond borders, invest in new gear and continued education, and adventure with the most adventurous couples yet.

As celebrations returned, destination weddings and elopements were a welcomed trend. With a far away destination, weddings are immediately filled by a refreshing beauty and creative atmosphere: for the couple, guests, and traveling vendors. As couples plan for more modern and adventurous wedding formats, I have loved being a resource. No matter where you celebrate your wedding, as your photographer, I can help provide location details and ideas, uncover hard-to-find national park or county fees in advance, and compile a dream list of (talented, fun, and reliable) wedding vendors from states away.

As for you? Keep sharing your dreams with me – then pack your bags and I’ll meet you there.

For some inspiration on eloping in one of Colorado’s National Parks, see here.




And of course, I couldn’t not mention some of the best moments of all: weddings. I’ll never grow tired of celebrating and capturing your love. Browse some of my favorite 2021 wedding photography below. There’s always more where that came from – so be sure to sign up for my newsletter or follow along on Instagram to stay in touch.


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