In January of 2016 I was given the privilege of travelling to Nicaragua with Lipscomb Missions to document a week of mobile clinics around the Jinotega area. I have no medical skills and although I was moving to Santiago for a study-abroad program following this week, I didn’t know any Spanish at all. So my week was spent trying to connect with people through my camera, and it was amazing. Photography gives me the ability to take a photo of someone and show them that they are beautiful. Many of these children had never seen a picture of themselves, and it was amazing to watch their eyes light up as they danced around in front of my lens. 

Lipscomb missions partners with Mission Para Cristo in Jinotega, Nicaragua to help provide some of the medical needs in surrounding villages. We loaded up in vans and trucks every day to travel through the mountains and set up mobile clinics. People travelled miles and miles on foot just to come and receive a diagnosis or some medicine, while those of us who weren’t studying medicine ran a small VBS-type childcare. The week was truly incredible, and it was encouraging to spend time with the missionaries there and hear about the ways God has been working in the community. Here are some of the photos from our clinics. 


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