HONDURAS {Jan 2015}

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Roatan, Honduras: an island of extreme wealth, and extreme poverty; where insanely luxurious resorts are just across the street from small shacks, and maybe a ten minute drive from the island dump, which is littered with the makeshift homes of families and children who live there to search for scraps to sell. 



This is the Greenfield Children’s Home. They have 19 kids living and attending school here.


Sindy is one of the younger girls here. As soon as we finished painting the bathroom, she swiftly invited us in to play with her disney toys and monopoly.IMG_4247 IMG_4251 IMG_4253 IMG_4224 IMG_4218 IMG_4205 IMG_4522 IMG_4520 IMG_4516 IMG_4370 IMG_4399 IMG_4395



David, the little boy here, lives with his mother but when she got a new boyfriend, he didn’t like David and they locked him out of the house every day. When this started, he was only a toddler, and now he’s about five.


IMG_4269 IMG_4270 IMG_4271




This is the dump. It looks like a normal dump, but people live on it. They search for items to reinforce their little shacks, and to sell. Most of the families here have children, and most have never been to school. These kids range from infants to 17 year olds. We brought donated uniforms, backpacks, and school supplies so that they would be allowed to start school in February. 43 kids were registered! 

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